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American Gods Merchandise

Discover the universe of gods and enjoy this unforgettable series with the America store and collection of Gods merchandise. We are promised to explore the best merchandise and gifts from your loving series. We guaranteed our products which are highly prepared from high quality and by our trainers.

A Story Of Mysticism

This American god series is an imaginary TV series that is founded on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel with the same name. The story is revealed around the ex-criminal Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), who becomes involved in the theatrical clashes between the old and new gods.

The series is about a wish which gods are being the results of those people who trust in them. They are also granted strength depending on their prominence among humans.

In the modern era, olden gods like the impish African god Anansi and the pagan deity ‘Easter have snatched a huge part of their following and so lost their powers too. However, the modern god’s technology and media have improved their strength because of their prominence and compatibility in the modern era.

The story tracks shadow who must set this new universe where the magic takes place and help his new owner Mer. Wednesday (Ian McShane) contests the danger of the new gods and the prospect of the old gods. Mr. Wednesday is a god Odin who tries to unite the old gods to secure their presence reconstruct the various strengths that they have snatched. Shadow must get the way of the new lifestyle in which he must reside.

Discover Our Godly Collection

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Our collection nuances Funko Pop! Vinyl facts considering the central character Shadow Moon.These facts degree roundabout 3 ¾ inches long and show in an enchanting and secure window parade box.

We have also produced real American Gods T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies! The style has been stimulated by iconic fantasy, jingles, and characters from the series. All these things have a machine-washable capacity and are designed from highly morally source substances. The pieces o clothes are found in varieties of colors and sizes according to your exact fit.

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