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Pioneering and Sustainable Craftsmanship!

At America Jackets, to follow innovative ideas and to bring luxurious leather products to our valued customers, we also make sure that our leather jackets are environment friendly and pocket friendly.

Our team of highly professionals and craftsmanship, has set a goal that America Jackets are made from high quality leather which is not amazing value but also eco-friendly. We tend to give our esteemed customers, top notch fashion keeping it really easy on their pockets.

Why America Jackets is considered sustainable?

At America Jackets our leather products and extraction is done with intense process. Most of our leather products are taken from warehouses that are sited globally. Therefore we consider our products are sustainable because our leather providers makes sure to handle their animals with care.

We assure not to go for leather material that is hazardous to our environment. Any product that causes pollution for example wood, plastic or toxic chemical generating industrial waste and releasing dangerous fumes. So keeping this in mind, at America Jackets our main aim is to stay away from all hazardous ways of extracting fine leather and adopt eco-friendly manners to bring you finest quality high end fashion leather jackets to enjoy.

America Jackets has kept the tradition to make our brand accessible and of top notch quality for our clients all the time. Many other leather producing and manufacturing companies use high technology huge machines for the assembly. But we utilize services of in-house labor to design and make our stylish leather jackets more affordable for our esteemed customers as well as providing working opportunities for low income individuals.

So when we say you choose and purchase a fashionable high quality leather jacket from America Jackets you are not only buying a great jacket for you to wear and look trendy but also is a great source for providing good wage income and earning opportunity. Therefore you are not buying a high elegant style jacket from us but also supporting a beautiful family as well.

A valuable business that imparts fashion with responsibility

When you see a fine designed leather jacket from America Jackets, you do not see just a jacket, but it’s a product of our long thought process, care for the environment and to fulfill your need for fashion. Though our main office works here but we have outsourced our craftsman ship international especially to developing countries. This not only reduces our production cost, but is safe for the environment as we avoid big machines but also provides earning capacity for the working class. Thus when you buy a classic leather jacket from America Jackets you do not get yourself a great fashion wear but also bring smiles to people and families. Therefore you can say that America Jackets is pocket friendly, take care of your fashion needs but also is pro-green and tries to lower down poverty among people.

A promise to remember

In order to meet your amazing fashion needs and to look great in day to wear America Jackets constantly improves our design and trends. We make sure to bring you best quality leather jackets that are eco-sustainable, elegant and classy and in the end you are making working families more prosper. Therefore we promise to keep bringing your economical and fashionable leather products and hope to have you as our valued customer for a lifetime!

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