Snow Angels 2021 Merchandise (Snöänglar)

Snow Angels 2021 Merchandise

From the highlights of the Berlinale Series selection, “Snow Angels (Snöänglar)” is a crime drama that reveals the story of motherhood. Held in wintertime Stockholm, it is revolved around the three women whose a mother, a policewoman, and a child nurse — whose fortunes become interlinked following the misplacing of a 5-week-old infant.

The series is featured by Josefin Asplund (“Vikings”), Eva Melander (“Border”), Maria Rossing (“Splitting Up Together”), and Ardalan Esmaili (“The Charmer”). Created by Sweden’s Yellow Bird and Denmark’s Happy Ending Film, the six-part program is being characterized in international markets by REinvent which revealed a sale to Germany’s ARD Degeto at the start of the market.

America jackets discussed to a powerful couple of women behind the mesmerizing serial, and the director Anna Zackrisson (“White Wall,” “The Restaurant”).

What’s The Origin Of “Snow Angels (Snöänglar)” ?

Henno: I will talk about the various steps of becoming a motherland. Combination of fear and pleasure you have faced to being known as mother and when to start a family. It was a powerful and plain point. Then spreading on that it amazed, what feels to misplace a child and the reason behind its just due to your mistake if the child is loosing.

For some women being known as a mother mean snatching your self-care for others, it is a life aim that can never get. Once I had this story’s dangers, I knitted all the other casts into the story. All of them are connected to the theme of motherhood differently.

Heeno: The story turns back in time so it begins with  Jenni being pregnant you meet different things around here before the baby is born and know all the features of this theme and story.

Anna, What Assisted You To Come On Board As A Director?

Anna Zackrisson: I was attended to the reality that it is not another crime and detective film. When I see the script get it complicated and strange. The casts seem distinguished from you even though they are human beings.

These characters’ fear is not from outside but exists within themselves. Now we are going to be aware of their dangers and dreams.

Henno: Yes, it’s not so much of a whodunnit-sort program. Why do these things take place then who performed them? It is a combination of both relationship and thriller. We show more sympathy for the casts we don’t understand them. They have several shortcomings that lasted up in the worst relationship but they efforting to be good people.

What Does The Series Say About Swedish Society Today?

Henno:  I think the series discovers what it means to be a woman today. Through the sight of the policewoman how the Swedish society works and examines women in that manner as they treat as mothers. As a mother in Sweden, you’re theoretical to perform things confidently, if you don’t do it creates several dangers and guilt within women. The character of Jenni is known as a sort of ‘white trash.

Zackrisson: Sweden is progressive in many esteems but it’s still a masculine society and it will take many hundred years to halt down that patriarchal social structure.

What Are You Working On Next?

Metto heeno: is working on a TV series for DR in August. It was established in the 1960s in Denmark and it’s about the discovery of the electronic curler. It was a revolt for women with its low budget, the safety of time, and investment to use. It also compelled women to let out farms and worked in factories.